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Dream with me for a minute…. Imagine that your company decided to build your very own company department store right next to your headquarters. Money is no object. The land has been purchased, the architects have carefully designed the building and a special committee has chosen stylish clothing and accessories that will be unique to your company. Your department store is designed with state of the art technology for personalized branding and there are seven floors with a massive selection for any style, size or occasion. Your store maintains a mixture of the finest name brands and private label brands that provide a tremendous value in quality compared to the cost of similar retail items.

Let visual fx build your Company Department Store at no cost!

The advantage to a virtual Company Department Store is there are ZERO startup costs to build or maintain it – no building, inventory, or large runs necessary. You don’t have to guess what items, colors, and sizes to inventory because the guessing game is old-school, super expensive and limits the selection for everyone. The entire Company Department Store is on consignment with sizes from XS to 4XL in every color on a virtual shelf. Too good to be true – in the year 2018, it’s reality with your virtual Company Department Store created in less than two weeks. We will provide a 90-day test program with no commitment. The only requirement is that you have a minimum of 100 employees and agree to our simple terms and conditions that confirm there is no risk or up-front cost to create your personal Company Department Store, only the cost of purchases and a mutual agreement on protocol.

Let’s take a quick tour of your virtual Company Department Store:

First floor: Men’s and Ladies Outerwear. A wide selection of brands that include North Face, Eddie Bauer, Nike and private label brands that represent tremendous value in comfort, style warmth and utility. Jackets, fleece, soft shells, parkas, hoodies, bomber jackets, coats and a myriad of options and styles for all occasions and all four seasons of weather.

Second floor: Men’s and Ladies Fleece and Sweatshirts. A selection of athletic, comfort and casual items to present a professional image with a sporty to laid back vibe. Cozy pull-overs, stylish sweaters and solid layering can be found browsing this floor.

Third floor: Men’s and Ladies Woven Shirts. Button-up shirts are a staple in business attire but also for casual to corporate occasions. This floor offers styles that fit both the professional environment and also corporate casual and trendy. Non-iron pinpoint oxford shirts, long and short sleeve shirts, solid colors, plaids, mini-checks and other patterns that can be worn at the office or out to any occasion.

Fourth floor: Men’s and Ladies polo and knit shirts. A huge selection that includes Nike, Ogio, Eddie Bauer and private label brands manufactured in the same factories that name brands are made – at a fraction of the cost. Choose from classic to innovative styles for office, outdoor and casual occasions.

Fifth floor: Accessories. Backpacks, duffels, briefcases, luggage, and a super selection of corporate oriented functional items. Carry your computer, devices and daily items in style and travel with sleek matching luggage that keeps your clothing and belongings neat and tidy. In addition, there are blankets, towels, totes, hats, scarves, and other incredible accessories that you won’t find in any other department store.

Sixth floor: The sixth floor is Branding and Decoration. With state of the art embroidery and screen-printing equipment in-house, it takes less than a week to have your items personalized to your taste, cost efficient and within the company’s guidelines. All items can be embroidered one at a time and small runs of screen-printed items can be ordered without hassle or surcharge. All logos, vector art, embroidery files and brand art are found in one convenient place.

Seventh floor: The seventh floor is Administrative. This office overseas the department store and includes customer service, marketing and purchasing. Flexible payment options allow employees to purchase single items at a fraction of retail pricing directly or managers and departments can buy in bulk or overseas to provide as client giveaways, prospective client gifts or employee incentives. Weekly and monthly reports document every purchase and statistic for budgeting and planning. Administrative tools and support are provided to keep the store running efficiently, convey a consistent branding message and save time and money.

Let visual fx build your Company Department Store at no cost!

A 30-minute investment of your time will provide us the opportunity to show you a more in-depth presentation, connect with your brand and discover whether this program is a good fit for both of our companies. We look forward to learning more about your company and discovering how we can help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

David Galbraith
President | Founder